Learn more about who we are as a company by reading up on who we are as individuals.

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Once you've begun working with our team and have experienced our services, you will know why, in everything we do, we're Moore Creative.

Who We Are

We are different...

We develop a unique working relationship with our clients. This special kind of relationship stems from the way we approach each project, getting to know our clients and understand their goals, likes and dislikes of promotional materials in general. This knowledge is invaluable and helps us provide a customized approach to each project that meets the tastes, market and needs of each client individually.

We are a team...

We work together with our clients to the success of each endeavor. For each project, whether it is destined for print or the web, the method is the same. We present three basic concepts or directions for a project. The concepts generally range from what is today's standard to trendsetting for the future. The design direction from there is dependent on the company, the product, and the audience. Elements, colors, and approaches of one concept are interchanged and used with other concepts as we work together to create the direction for the finished piece. After the final concept is chosen, we begin fine tuning the design and add the finishing touches. By working hand in hand, we together create an end product that is effective and assists your company in its business goals.

We are Moore Creative...

From magazine advertisements and company brochures to website development and interactive presentations, our goal is to produce a finished product that is both functional and exciting. Whether the purpose is revenue generation or to provide company information, we create websites that are consistent with each company's image. We utilize the same three concept and discussion methods as with our print materials. Through the integration of the latest in web coding ASP, ASP .NET, PHP, DHTML, JavaScript and Flash, we produce dynamic, interactive sites that will impress your audience.


Since 1997 we have developed enterprise class Microsoft-based applications, and we bring with us a high level of problem-solving experience. Our projects range from design and development work for corporations such as Lowe's, Rubbermaid, Bombardier, Hendrick Motorsports and more to enterprising start-ups, smaller local companies... regardless of size or industry, our development focus is on functionality, integration and creating website solutions.

From custom development of a new application, integration with a Content Management System for database-driven sites, ecommerce development, we can create the solution that is right for you.


As with any online initiative, design of the visitors experience is often critical to the success of the program. Our design team ensures a customized approach to the presentation and interactivity of each online presence. We start by presenting multiple design concepts which are congruent with our customer's goals as well as the needs of their web site visitors. Once the design concept is defined, we employ the latest web techniques and integrated functionality to create an effective and efficient online experience.

Email Marketing

Moore Creative was also the lead developer for integration of the Charlotte-based email marketing application, nTarget who became Blue Sky Publicaster. During this time, we developed hundreds of email marketing strategies and marketing campaigns for clients.

We can help you plan and execute your Email Marketing strategy and build it seamlessly into any web site for newsletter/email list signup, eCommerce purchasing cycles, and can efficiently manage the visitor's contact information and provide for targeted promotions to enhance customer relationships.