Moore Creative Partnerships

Moore Creative works with companies, services and systems to provide solutions that meed the complex challenges of enterprise-level eCommerce systems. We seek to become partners within programs and for systems that we support and believe in. Often it is the support, ideas and direciton of these companies that lead us to choose their systems for long-term partnership.

Looking for a powerful eCommerce and CRM system with all of the features and helpful advice you need to grow? Check out our prefered platform for ERP-connected eCommerce, CIMCloud.

Moore Creative has worked with the platform from Website Pipeline thorugh to the newest version of CIMCloud. Initially working within the WSP system to create externally hosted add-ons in functionality, the MC team has also worked with partner site content, product information management and additional external sites such as blogs and file management systems to compliment client's eCommerce sites.

As development parteners experienced with CIMCloud, Moore Creative can help with everything from the organization and management of data and product assets, system migration assistance and content maintenance, to development tasks such as redesign assistance, 3rd party system integrations and more.

CIMCloud describes that they are "One Platform for CRM and Ecommerce + Your ERP". CIMCloud's process for client training and education along the process helps ensure success and identifies key areas of need and growth during projects. Their structure for success is mapped out and helps everyone involved, from end-clients to 3rd-party partners like Moore Creative work together for optimal project success.

We are thrilled to partner with CIMCloud and are commiteeded resources to help CIM clients with the success of their store systems.


What is Customer Interaction Management?


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Content & Data Management

Let Moore Creative help you focus on your product, sales and store by allowing us to help you with product content and data management services. Have a batch of new products to import? Content formatting to make across the board? Moore Creative can help you from product digital asset management to content editing and data entry. Content and Data services involves supplementing your team in preparing and uploading content / data into the CIMcloud application.


Customizations & 3rd-Party Functionality

We can help work within the structure of the CIMCloud system to present product screen and site functionality that extends the system. We can work outside of the system to create new functionality such as external tracking systems, data integration outside of SAGE, and product features such as dynamic image and custom option displays. Let Moore Creative help with your CIMCloud customization project.


3rd-Party SAGE Integration

In addition to the CIMCloud eCommerce platform, clients needing to connect 3rd-party eCommerce systems such as Magento, DNN Hotcakes, DNN RazorCart, home-grown systems and others with SAGE-100 ERP (Sage 100 Cloud, etc) have an excellent solution with Moore Creative and CIMCloud thorugh the use of CIMCloud's Web Driver and API Connectors. Moore Creative has integrated the Web Driver tool with client systems for multi-direcitonal and single-direction, filtered data sync between SAGE 100 and external systems.