Online Marketing and SEO

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Research suggests that more than 80% of people surfing the web use search engines to find the products and services they need. It is estimated that there are currently well over 8,000,000,000 indexed web pages floating in cyberspace. With more than 2,150,000 web pages created monthly and 15,000 domains being reserved in the U.S daily, it is only getting more difficult for a particular website to be seen on the initial pages of search engine results for a given keyword. You may be asking yourself:
“Why is it so important that my site is indexed high in the search engine index of websites?”
Search engine marketing is one of the best ways to reach a buyer at the exact time that he is actively searching for something to buy or a specific solution to his problem. Most other forms of advertising, while still important to a business’ overall marketing mix, will sweep your message to a largely uninterested audience so you are often actually paying a larger price to reach a smaller qualified (or message receptive) audience. But search engine marketing is geared to making sure that your message reaches your best audience at the very point that they are most ready to buy – when they are actively searching for solutions. That is why you cannot afford to be complacent about your website’s position in the search engine indexes for the keywords that will bring visitors to view your solutions. If your site is not seen in the list of results for a search, you can be assured that one of your competitor’s sites will be and the sale can only go to the solution that is found!

SEO Starts with Strategy

We start by getting in tight with your business goals - we talk to you about what you want to do (increase X product/category sales, move bargain products, increase general company visibility, etc.) By optimizing the code and content of your site, we will not only improve your search engine rankings and bring in more visitors; but will also be providing those visitors with the most relevant content, while making it easier for them to find what they are looking for on your website. Your optimized website will bring in more of your "target audience" or in other words, the specific people who are looking for precisely the information, products and services your company provides. It all boils down to getting your product or service seen by the person who is actively looking for your product or service while he is in (or closest to) a buying mode.

Research, Research, Research

When choosing your best keywords, knowing how to limit your competition is essential. Through market research, we hone in on the keywords that will offer you the biggest goal conversions. You tell us what your goal conversion is. For some companies it is the sale of a product, for some it is the download of a trial, demo or informational PDF file for others, a conversion may be a contact asking for more information. The point is, we talk to you about what your company's goals are before formulating a plan of attack for your search engine optimization campaign and then we work within that framework to not only help you reach your business goals but also to keep your results on track. Our one-on-one approach to search engine marketing is what sets us apart from the pack and assures your search marketing success.

Experience is Important in Search Engine Optimization

Effective research always involves having and knowing how to use the best research tools. This is precisely why most companies hire an SEO specialist like Moore Creative to handle their optimization work. Specialists in this field are familiar with the available tools for keyword and competitive site research and have extensive experience using them. A successful SEO marketer has a very detail oriented mind-set. He knows where to focus, orders his goals, uses the tools of the trade to make informed decisions and methodically carries out the correct steps in order to create a successful SEO campaign. Having experience with "what works" (as well as what doesn't) is the final part of SEO success. The results, if the SEO work has been done correctly and methodically, can be astounding in terms of new website visitors and business goal conversions.
We Have Experience Generating High Returns on Your Investment in Search Engine Marketing (High SEO ROIs)
Our SEO work involves:

  • Studying your site's placement and message and comparing it with that of your top competitors for the purpose of placing your site above your competitor's in the search engine index.
  • Researching the keyword phrases that your potential customers are using in the search engines.
  • Editing the text of your site to accomplish higher placement in the search engine index for your most important keywords as well as clarity to support your sales and marketing goals.
  • Improving the structure of your site to ensure easier navigation by both search engine spiders as well as your website visitors.
  • Cleaning up the code on your website to insure your pages load quickly and encourage indexing.
  • Removing any questionable content, code or elements that could get your site banned from the search engines.
  • Getting the right site links - inbound and outbound to establish your site as a top site in the eyes of the search engines.