DNN Performance and SEO

DNN Optimization And SEO Performance

Is your DotNetNuke site running too slow? Have you wondered how to increase the speed of your DNN site? Are there whole sections of DNN pages and articles that are not seen by Google sitemaps and crawlers? Do you have DNN SEO problems? Then let us help! With our DNN Optimization and Performance Service, we work to give the site the speed boost it needs!

Optimizing DotNetNuke Performance

The tools used for improving DNN Performance involve content cashing systems, IIS system tweaks and improvements, and plenty of hard work and determination! We follow the tips and advice of hosting companies to ensure the best performance on their shared and dedicated hosting platforms, impliment the tips and recommendations of primary DNN experts such as Mitch Sellers, and in general, scour every edge of the DNN footprint on a server to determine where improvements can be made. The goal is a faster DNN instance that quickly provides content to users.

  • decrease the load time for pages (increase speed of pages)
  • decrease footprint amount of extra code
  • improve server performance through proper IIS settings and tuning
  • database review for speed and maintenance
  • scheduled tasks and scheduler review
  • speed up DNN in general

Improving DNN Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Many times, when multiple modules from different developers have been used to put a site together, from the point of view of a search engine crawler, content can be missing or orphaned, or worse, presented multiple times as duplicate content.

We work within the system to improve the results returned to Google and search engines from a variety of directions, using a series of tools on the site pages, dnn core settings, and presented content. What cannot be changed within the system is overcome by the addition of additional code and workarounds to produce the best possible organization for search engines.

Once a site is performing well in SEO, it's time for us to focus on Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Efforts to maximize the visiblity and traffic for the site.