As an effective alternative to proprietary software, LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) development platform offers the best combinations of Open Source technologies. Often, the best of time-saving and cost-saving customizable components and pre-built applications are built on LAMP to offer the best starting points for new website solutions. Our services range from database-driven website development, application development, to ongoing technical support and security consultations.
From small websites to complex integrated online systems involving both web applications and stand-alone software units, our PHP developers are ready to meet your online needs with suggestions, examples and creative ideas!

  • PHP-based development services:
  • database-driven website development
  • content management system development (including Joomla / Mambo and PHProjekt)
  • custom web application development
  • website development (with FrontPage & Dreamweaver access for clients)
  • website maintenance and security consultation
  • multimedia video, Flash & DHTML integration solutions