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Modern Digital Asset Management

Intelligent, Active Filtering Helps You

Features to keep pertinent items at your fingertips

How easy is it to root through lists of files on a drive or database? ADAM brings those lists to life with visual focus that makes it easy to find what you're looking for and save it to your personal boards. Designed after the best features found in stock photo and archive systems, ADAM's interface is clean, modern and efficient.

  • Image previews shown for a full variety of graphic formats including CMYK Tiff, PSD, PDF, EPS, CAD/DWG, Video and of course the standards like JPG, PNG, etc.
  • Upload images ONCE at the full, largest size available. The dynamic image processor of ADAM will display that image in the appropriate sizing/rendering. Features such as zoom, crop, centering, facial-recognition and effects allow the processor to drive powerful, non-destructive image modifications on-the-fly.
  • Quickly filter and search through asset data to find items and add them to your clipboards or ADAM Boards for personal use and sharing
  • Rights to view and/or edit resources can be based on User Role and Permissions, thus displaying the right content to users based on their purpose in working with files
  • Internal and external resources can be managed within the same system with tracking providing full usage and download stats
  • Within lists and search results, ADAM promotes and presents the most recent/featured, most used and most relevant items first to help you find the perfect item you're searching for

Boards For Sharing

Your Customized File Sharing System Awaits

Efficiently deliver and track resource usage

Say goodbye to dropbox, YouSendIt and other large-file share systems, ADAM provides you with your own fully banded, fully trackable file sharing system.

  • Items within Boards are controlled by ADAM rights, permissions, updates/versioning and are fully controlled by ADAM rules
  • All viewing and usage/download from Boards is tracked down to the specific user. Stats provided help you manage assets over time by archiving unused/old items and promoting the most popular, most used assets
  • Shared Boards and individual File Share links are also trackable and can be set to expire
  • Boards allow users and recipients to comment on resources and individual items as well as provide for internal in-system messaging

Authoritative Source

ADAM Becomes The Brains Of Your Digital Resources

Integration points make it easy to connect ADAM controlled data externally

What good is well organized content if it's not also controlling usage throughout your enterprise? When fully integrated, ADAM is the Source Authority for digital resources for public websites, email campaigns, intranets and digital usage extensions.

  • ADAM can be connected directly to modern website content management systems and eCommerce systems through direct reference, module/plugin or API reference. Updates within ADAM automatically are reflected in the live site usage.
  • Used as a full Image Delivery Service, ADAM provides both CDN benefits and dynamic image processing features
  • Can be connected to external systems such as Adobe InDesign to generate starter templates for catalogs and materials, prepared with appropriate categories of products/images based off of your design master templates

Pricing & Investment

System Costs Based On Your Perfect Fit

Annual License Costs From $15K - 30K Per Year

The ADAM system is an amazing group of tools and functionality that can become the central brain for your product data, resources and digital assets. Not everyone needs the full compliment of features, however. Our project discovery process jump starts the discussions and helps us prepare a tailored system that is customized to fit your needs.

  • Annual subscription license is based on functionality, incorporation points, storage model and desired customization/update plan
  • Initial development and implementation project is estimated based off of discovery process points
  • Costs for initial development and implementation can be spread across initial four year investment
  • Of course, continuing ongoing support, regular updates, content assistance and awesome service is our privilege to provide to the established system