Digital Asset Management System Features

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    Stay Connected and Effective

    Access Files from Anywhere. Keep your company up-to-date and organized with access to company information and files they need to compete and succeed. No matter where you are working, who you're meeting with, or when you need them, your files are just a click away.

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    Save Time, Keep Control, Distribute Effectively

    Manage your resources across multiple websites at one time. Make updates to a resource in ADAM and it is immediately updated across all sites through direct data access, web service API or multiple external data options. This allows you to have one single-source athority for information and media/resources.

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    Real-Time Updates

    Provide real time flow of information to ensure constant communication and eliminate lags which can slow down efficiency.  Share thoughts and files, upload resources, grant or restrict file access and approve updates in real time.

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    Brand Synergy

    Ensure your branding stays on point. Control what images, logos and resources are shared with team members, clients and even the public. Customize ADAM with company branding and ensure utilization of latest up-to-date branded materials.

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    Security Protection

    Protect your data with the latest security features available, with the ability to customize user access through roles and permissions.

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    Upload files quickly and easily without having to worry about file size, speed, or number of files, and do so with the simplicity of a click.

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    No File Type Left Behind

    Any and all file formats supported. You have the ability to upload and manage images or presentations, documents, links or video, cad or material spec files...if your company uses it, ADAM can store it.

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    Lightning Fast Search & Filter

    Customize the organization of your files to give you easy access and smooth browsing. No need to search through dozens of folders and thousands of files to find the one you are looking for. Tag the files with keywords, categories, file type, resolution, image width and height and more and then use the lightning fast filter to find exactly what you need.

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    Save & Share With Boards

    Save your resources to unique Boards that you can access at any time and share with anyone...internal or external. During bulk download, completely dynamic options allow a user to choose file name structure, dimensions, resolution, image type and more. Even communicate with one another within the Board by commenting on the Board or individual resources through internal messaging.

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    Innovative Tracking & Stats

    Know who is adding, editing, and deleting files internally, and track who is viewing and downloading resources externally. Use product and resource usage stats to inform educated decisions.

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    Product Information Management - PIM + DAM

    Combine the elements of the MC ADAM Product Information Management features with your resource data and have one unified, single-source athority for product information, photos, files, resources, links and more.