Merit Badge Counselor Training

Merit Badge Counselor System
Training Sessions

We have prepared a few videos which can help introduce you to the functioning of the MBC system as well as provide a refesher to information regarding Counselor review and approval actions.

Additionally, we use the popular, open-source content management system DNN as our primary application development platform. This means that we use DNN to build some of our favorite websites, including yours!

Please use the following training session videos to become familiar with the standard editing and admin actions of your site and to learn more about using the tools which power your site. 


Counselor Review & Approval

Whether at regsitration and renewal time or when adding new Counselors manually, site Administrators and District Chair users may review and approve Counselors to control which Merit Badges they are approved for and whether they are active within the system. This video describes the process of reviewing Counselors who need approval for the site and for specific merit badges.


DNN Introduction 0 - About DNN CMS

With this video we begin a series of basic training videos to serve as an introduction for editors and administrators new to the DNN content management system.

Video Training Points:
- What is DNN
- Looks of different versions 4,5,6,7, through 8
- Logging in


DNN Introduction 2 HTML Editor Basics

This training session dives into the core HTML/Text module.

Video Training Points:
- Intro to the DNN HTML/Text Module
- Text & Style Formatting Tips
- Working with Links
- Working with Images


DNN Introduction 2.5 HTML Editor Quickview

This training session picks up from the end of session #2 and the full overview of the core DNN HTML module. We go over Version History, rollbacks, and then review the Quick Editor view and compare to the full HTML editor view.

Video Training Points:
- Version History
- Rollback & Tracking
- Quick Editor for simple edits
- Full Editor for robust edits