Why is my new domain name working sometimes but not now?

Yes, domain name records (DNS Records) are a networked chain of references to name servers that share the IP addresses for names.

Usually it can take 12-24 hours for a new ip address or name change to propagate across the internet/world, other times, with highly trafficked names, it might take only a few hours.

But those DNS records, as they are propagated across different nodes around the world, can have issues such as one location getting out of date and not having the right info, or another node failing for a while and coming back up again later.

In office buildings/netowkrs, we’ll have office firewalls and proxy servers that will pick up their own copy of records and will sometimes get out of date.

An IP address will always work because that IS the address location that is ultimately being referenced by the DNS record.

This morning, I am able to load by the subdomain name… I would say give it several more hours, possibly try to change internet providers you are on (if that is possible) to see if that makes a difference.

For example, when we see an east coast / west coast outage, I will tell a client to try connecting from their phone’s internet, and often, that will work while their office network won’t. That’s an example of their mobile ATT being OK and their other connection having a DNS outage.

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