Ryan Moore on upcoming DNN Admin Tools - DNN Webinar November 30th, 2017


If you are a DNN Administrator you don’t want to miss this webinar! In this expert panel guided webinar our panel will demonstrate three DNN administration tools that make the life of a DNN administrator a lot easier. Our expert panel consists of nvisionative’s David Poindexter, DNN Dev’s Kelly Ford, and Moore Creative’s Ryan Moore and our theme for this webinar is “Install, Manage, Back-Up”.

Ryan presents on the setup and features of the Evotiva Backup System

Evotiva | [Backup]
Backing up your DNN site is something that we all must do. Whether it’s backing up before installing an extension, before upgrading, or just for periodic preventative measures, backing up a DNN instance is just part of the gig for DNN administrators. Evotiva’s DNN Backup does what nvquicksite does for installing and what Prompt does for managing your site – make it dead simple. Ryan Moore is an avid user and fan of Evotiva’s solution. Ryan says “Evotiva Backup is the perfect tool to help with backup and migration tasks. Scheduled backups with options for frequency, exclusions, and locations such as local, ftp, AWS, Dropbox and others make it one of our 'Must Have' modules for our DNN toolbox.”


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