Steven Ciociola

Hi there! I'm Steven Ciociola. I traveled back in time to manage the ever growing project list at Moore Creative.  

I grew up in Seminole, Florida for 15 years before moving to the Lake Norman area midway through high school. I received my Bachelor's degree in Systems Information Science with a minor in managerial psychology at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte.

In my spare time I enjoy working out and boxing. When I'm not punching people in the face or lifting things up and putting them down, I also enjoy writing, computer art, and playing video games. I center my life around my love of music and cars. From the moment I wake up until I close my eyes at night I'm listening to everything under the sun (classical, classic rock, modern rock, rap, metal, heavy metal, metalcore, EDM, dubstep, trance, alternative, top 40, soundtracks, ambient, you name it!). 

I'm a very abstract thinker obsessed with human behavior and our existence in the universe. However, when my mind isn't enveloped in multi-dimensional theories or the rationality of time, you'll most commonly find me telling a ridiculous story or trying to make others laugh.