Corey Adams

Hello my name is Corey Adams, I work as a Front-end Web Developer at The Moore Creative Company. I was very lucky and honored to come work at Moore Creative. I enjoy taking art and design and turning it into code.

I grew up in Rock Hill, South Carolina. I remember the first time I logged into the Internet; sometime I miss that sound you would hear getting online. I guess that would be the start of my long path to web development. I graduated from The Art Institute of Charlotte with a degree in culinary arts (I know right!) After a few years of long hours and very hard work, I went back to school for web development. But more important I am a husband, soon to be father, a chef, a web developer, a world traveler, I have been to four out of five Disney parks in the world (soon to be six), I enjoy history, art history, and I’m an avid book reader.

This is my first web development job out of school, it took some time to achieve, but I was fortunate to come work at The Moore Creative, it’s the best place I have ever worked. Thank you Ryan!