How to scan a site for malware

Occasionally, we are asked to help a client respond to a question about website security, or review a security message from Internet Explorer or from Google's Webmaster Tools or Safe Browsing report.

If you receive a security message or would simply like to review your site or any site, here are the main steps that we would recommend as they allow you to check for spyware, malware, infected downloads or site links, suspicious activity and all around nasties from the viewpoint of multiple sources.

  1. The report from Google’s Webmaster Tools is the first place to start! Log into your Google account and visit the Webmaster Tools section. By adding the site to your tools (after uploading a verification file), you can get a full report from Google on whether any malware has been detected on your site.
  2. Additionally, Google’s Safe Browsing report tool gives the site's history over the past 90 days as compiled from Google's search cache, algorithms for problems and combined user feedback to determine whether something about the site may be dangerous. You can see the report for any site by using the following URL and placing the domain name at the end of the address:
  3. The review from is Norton Safe Web which boast that, "Our servers analyze Web sites to see how they will affect you and your computer."
  4. Similarly, the McAfee SiteAdvisor Website Safety Rating will review a site page to determine whether there is anything on the page of concern. You can quickly analize any page by replacing the domain name at the end of the link:
  5. Finally, the AVG Online Web Page Scanner lets you check any page as well